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Becoming the calm this back to school!

Back to school and back to chaos, or at least this how my afternoons and weekends feel with so many after school activities! Some change of plans on things out of my control caused me a little of stress but I remembered how stressing out just makes things worst. I decided this time to try to embrace it and I know everything will work out, or at least I will have a better attitude or more clarity to face the chaos that comes with a busy schedule.

Motherhood is hard and now with 3 Kids and 2 under 2, I try to remember it is all temporary, so I will try to embrace it and enjoy it! How do you embrace the chaos that comes with raising little ones? Please share on the comment section. In the meantime here are some tips to cope with chaos and become the calm.

1- First of all breath! I am aware that when I stress I don’t think clearly and things seem even worst, so even just breathing for a minute helps putting things into perspective.

2- Honestly think, how bad is this? Most of the time it is not and there always is a bright side for everything, like catching up with your favorite podcast while dealing with commuting or traffic. So staying positive always makes it better!

3- Re-think, and be flexible. I don’t deal well with change of plans, but sometimes just talking to myself or for instance with my husband helps me see things from a different angle.

4- Don’t burn yourself. Parenting is hard with overbooked kids. So something's gotta give and kids need a happy mamma rather than a full schedule, and also kids need to be kids with free time. I know it’s hard, especially with several kids, because that is how things are, but you might need to prioritize.

5- Of course planning and organizing helps, but remember about being flexible just in case plans change.

6- Be humble and ask for help! As they say, raising kids takes a village, so when needed ask for help and remember your are not alone on this! (This I struggle with)

I leave you with this quote I found for this mindful Monday: The chaoes never ends, you become the calm, from Nikki Rowe.