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About Anahí

Founder of Healthy Harmony
Who am I?

My name is Anahi Gutierrez; I was born in Mexico but now Nashville TN is my home. I have 3 kids, one tween and 2 preschool-age kids. I am an IIN (Integrative Institute of Nutrition of New York) certified integrative health coach and emotional eating health coach. My focus is to help moms feed their kids mindfully, with confidence, love, and compassion so they can grow as intuitive eaters and love their bodies.


I started my journey into nutrition at a young age. When I was a teen I suffered from IBS and years later infertility. These reasons made me look for ways to nourish myself, feel better, and get healthier.  In 2016 I started my studies as an Integrative Health Coach with IIN.


Motherhood changes us all, and for me, the most significant change I´ve seen has been seeing myself reflected in the eyes of my kids. One of the greatest lessons my kids have taught me is the importance of enjoying food and eating intuitively.  This happened when my middle child became super picky at the table and had many meltdowns. This behavior is common in a toddler, so I realized I was the one with the greatest problem. I made things worse by focusing on what she eat and how much; the greater my control, the greater her resistance. Letting go and using feeding and parenting techniques that I have learned changed things around. I know now that our thoughts and relationship with food can be as important as the food we are served.


Like many parents, I had the best intentions, but they backfired. Feeding my family and myself became stressful, I used food as a form of control. Although I do not doubt the power of food we need to see the bigger picture. Our thoughts, lifestyle, relationships, confidence, and other factors influence our health. Since then I decided to change and use the values of consciousness, self-love, compassion, and flexibility to guide me rather than fear, control, and perfectionism.

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About Anahi Eng

My philosophy:


Fostering a good food relationship is important for anyone, but mostly for young ones. If we put our effort into this with our kids, their chances of suffering from obesity, eating disorders, chronic dieting, and others are slimmer as they grow.


We all are born with the innate ability to regulate our hunger. Usually conducts from caregivers tune kids out from their body signals. That is why mindful and intuitive eating should be practiced as a family; often parents might need to work on their own first so they can be good role models. Tuning the mind and body is essential. 


Good eating habits are not a goal, it is a project. One of the best ways to apply good eating habits with your family is to eat together. This brings connection and a great opportunity to role model. Eating as a family might seem at times stressful and even impossible, but I can help! 


If you are interested in a one-on-one session, please click here for more info.

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About Healthy Harmony


At Healthy Harmony we will empower you to feed your family with confidence, love, and connection by teaching you tools based on principles of conscious and intuitive eating as well as positive parenting. Our approach is holistic, connecting the body with the mind. We will help you establish good family eating habits, manage challenges with feeding your little ones, try new foods, and make mealtimes fun, easy, and a moment for connection. 


Our mission is to help you raise kids that have a good relationship with food and love and respect their bodies. Like everything with parenting, the best approach is to lead by example, so we can help you work on your own since we believe that awareness and self-healing is the first step for your kids to follow an intuitive eating approach. 

About HH English

Professional Certifications 

  • Certified Integral Health Coach from the Integrative Institute of Nutrition of Nueva York (IIN), in the year 2017

  • Specialization from IIN as Health Coach in Emotional Eating, in the year 2022

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